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XBOX ONE Elite Controller Series 2 Classic TALL Thumbstick Black

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This is the Classic TALL Stick For the Series 2 Elite Controller 


By increasing the length of the analog thumbsticks , precision while aiming is improved dramatically. Your range of motion is increased by 40%, giving you the opportunity to make smaller adjustments and "snap" to targets much faster in first-person shooters. This affords you the luxury of turning up controller thumbstick sensitivities to get the closest feel to a mouse possible on a console without an internal controller mod or cheat. The greater leverage offers you better control and less force-alleviating thumb-fatigue and adding more comfort to long gaming sessions. In short, this increased accuracy and decreased thumb-fatigue results in more kills and less deaths.

With one high-rise stick designed for aim and accuracy on your right stick, and one shorter, mid-rise stick for extra grip and comfort on your left, this combination translates to better control, precision and is perfect for just about any mission.


1* 1Pcs Classic Short Thumbstick Swap Analog Stick Grips Replacement for XBOX ONE Elite Gen 2 Controller - Black

Compatibility : Only for the XBOX ONE Elite Controller Series 2

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