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Xbox 360 RGH Installations
  • Xbox 360 RGH Installations

Xbox 360 RGH Installations

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Quality RGH installations 


* Note that you are unable to mod a console where the manufacture date is after 2014-08 . Please confirm that your console is manufactured before 2014-08 before sending it in - You will find the manufacture date at the back of the console on a white sticker . Please note that for now we are only modding Xbox 360's S + E models - If you have a Phat , please contact us before sending it in as there are a few issues you must be aware of before we will mod it 

The RGH is the most popular mod for your Xbox 360 , and opens up your console to a host of activities . The best are featured below :

  - Play your game backups from any external harddrive - This means no more hunting for game disks and no more scratched / destroyed game disks . Your games are stored on the external Harddrive , and the game disk is not required to run the game . Your game disks can be stored safely away and will be kept in pristine condition .

 - Extend the life of your console - As you are not using the DVD Rom , your system will run cooler and no more DVD Rom lens issue ( not reading disks , stuttering gameplay and overheating ) .

 - Custom Dashboards

 - Region Free Gaming

 - Run homebrew or run any unsigned code

 - Backup your game disks to the harddrive

* Note that you are unable to hack a console where the manufacture date is after 2014-08 

Pricing for this service depends on what motherboard is inside the console . Pricing is between R800 and R1000 . Phat , Trinity + Corona V1 R800 . Corona V3/4 R900 . The rest R1000

We use standard chip timings and Glitch times of under 1 min are accepted ( realistically 30 seconds ) - We don't use custom timing files for fine tuning due to the time it takes 

Aurora and Dashlaunch will be loaded  . Note we will format any storage devices on the console , so remove / backup any avatars / data before sending the console in

We do not require any upfront payment or any peripherals such as power supply's ,cables or controller   - Just send in the console with its harddrive, ( Note if you have a 4gb console , it is not necessary to send in a Harddrive ) ,  using any of the following options :

To proceed , please read and submit the form below : ( Note you must have an account at XMODS , and be logged in to access the form ) 

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