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Xbox 360 RGH Installations
  • Xbox 360 RGH Installations

Xbox 360 RGH Installations

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Quality RGH installations 


The RGH is the most popular mod for your Xbox 360 , and opens up your console to a host of activities . The best are featured below :

  - Play your game backups from any external harddrive - This means no more hunting for game disks and no more scratched / destroyed game disks . Your games are stored on the external Harddrive , and the game disk is not required to run the game . Your game disks can be stored safely away and will be kept in pristine condition .

 - Extend the life of your console - As you are not using the DVD Rom , your system will run cooler and no more DVD Rom lens issue ( not reading disks , stuttering gameplay and overheating ) .

 - Custom Dashboards

 - Region Free Gaming

 - Run homebrew or run any unsigned code

 - Backup your game disks to the harddrive

* Note that you are unable to hack a console where the manufacture date is after 2014-08 

Pricing for this service depends on what motherboard is inside the console . Pricing is between R800 and R1000 . Phat , Trinity + Corona V1 R800 . Corona V3/4 R900 . The rest R1000

We use standard chip timings and Glitch times of under 1 min are accepted ( realistically 30 seconds ) - We don't use custom timing files for fine tuning due to the time it takes 

Aurora and Dashlaunch will be loaded  

We do not require any upfront payment - just send in the console using any of the following options : SEND IN OPTIONS

To proceed , please read and submit the form below : 

Click here for the RGH booking form

Please fill in your console serial number and check the manufacture date before sending in . Complete the rest of the form after you have send the console in and click on SUBMIT at the bottom of the form 

Please note we do not require any accessories - only send in the console and its internal storage device . 

EG : Not reading disks , overheating .....

You will find this at the back of the console

If No , then your console cannot be modded - Do not send it in

Thanks for the info . We will send you notification when we have your console , and we will send an invoice when we are finished 

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