NS Switch Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Controller with Turbo - SFC Style

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Wireless Bluetooth Vibrating Gamepad Controller



100% brand new, high quality


1. This Pro handle is compatible with the Switch host and also supports Windows computers.

2. No need to load any drive, the handle can be used after connecting to the Switch host.

3. Wireless Bluetooth V3.0 connection, strong anti-interference ability, stable connection signal.

4. The one-button connection mode is easy to operate.

5. Built-in 300 mAh polymer lithium battery, can be used for 5 hours after being fully charged.

6. The built-in gyroscope of this handle supports motion sensing function; the built-in dual motor supports double-shock function; supports screenshots and saves; supports burst function.

7. Up to 4 wireless controllers can be connected to the host at the same time.

8. In the case of charging the handle, the game can also be played normally.

9. The ergonomic design and lightweight handle construction make the player feel comfortable.

10. This handle can be upgraded by connecting the computer with the update software.



Working voltage: DC 3.7-4.2V

Working current: 20-30mA

Sleep current: 10-80uA

Vibration current: 80-150mA

USB input voltage / current: DC 5V / 500mA

Use distance range ≤8M

Battery voltage / capacity: 3.7V / 300mAh

Battery life after full charge: 5 hours or so

Charging time: 2-3 hours

Standby time: 25 days or so

Handle size: approx.143x63x40mm/5.63x2.48x1.57in

Material: ABS

Color: white

Quantity: 1 Pc



This controller is mainly used to play games on the Switch console. This controller does not support Android or MAC OS.

Package Includes:

1 x Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Controller

1 x charging cable (other accessories demo in the picture is not included.)

1 x manual


Second, the button introduction

1. HOME button *1: Open the handle or execute the command of the host.

2. Arrow keys *1 group: up, down, left, right. Easy to operate in eight directions.

3. Function control keys * 4: A, B, Y, X. Perfect button design, finger touch operation is more sensitive and fast.

4. Left and right rocker * 2: The newly designed 3D rocker, 360 degree all-round precision operation.

5. Function keys * 4: L1, R1, L2, R2. The new trigger and push button switch design is responsive.

6. Screen capture button *1: Press this button in the game to take a screenshot and save the current screen.

7. TURBO button *1: first press any function button on the right (A/B/X/Y/L1/R1/L2/R2), then press the T button to enable the burst function, press the T button again to cancel the connection. Send function.

8. Reset button *1: Press this button to turn off the power of the handle to disconnect the handle from the host; reset.


Third, the guidance

1. Connect to the Switch host via Bluetooth:

1) Connect the handle to the host for the first time: Open the Switch host. In the main menu interface of the host, touch “Handle” → “Change Grip” with your finger to enter the host pairing mode interface. On the handle, press and hold the “HOME” button. The handle is turned on for 4 seconds, and the four LEDs first flash slowly in a slow cycle. After 4 seconds, the LED will flash rapidly and enter the search state. When one (or more) LEDs are long, the handle is successfully paired with the host. Press “B” to return to the main menu interface.

2) Connect the handle to the host again: Short press the HOME button to open the handle, and the handle is automatically connected to the host.

3) The handle is connected back to the host:

A. In the sleep state of the handle, short press the HOME button to wake up the handle, and the handle automatically reconnects with the host.

B. In the sleep state of the host, first press the power button of the host to wake up the host, then short press the HOME button of the handle to connect back to the host (in the sleep state of the host, directly press any button of the handle to wake up the host).

2 Connect the Switch host through the USB cable:

On the main menu page of the Switch host, click Settings → Handle and Sensor → Pro handle wired connection to open the Pro handle wired communication function of the Switch host; connect the handle to the USB port of the Switch host base with the USB cable, on the handle LED4 flashes slowly; LED1 on the handle is flashed slowly after it is connected.

3. Connect your Windows computer via a USB cable:

First need to download and install the X-360 driver to the Windows computer; then connect the handle to the computer with the USB cable, the four LEDs on the handle flash slowly; after the handle driver is automatically installed, the LED1 and LED4 on the handle flash slowly, the handle is be usable. Support for X-360 mode games. The download method of the X-360 driver should be found on the network.

Note: In the X-360 mode of wired connection to the computer, there is vibration function and no motion sensing function.


1. This handle is mainly used to play the game of Switch host. If you don't have a Switch host, you only want to use this controller to play computer games. It is recommended not to buy this handle. Please buy a computer-specific handle! This handle does not support phone

2. The charging interface of this handle is a TYPE-C interface and is equipped with a charging cable of the TYPE-C interface.

3. This handle is compatible with the latest version of the Switch host at the time of shipment. If the Switch host is upgraded again, if there is no connection to the host, our factory provides upgrade software and upgrades the handle.

4. The package comes standard with an English version of the manual. If you need a Chinese manual, please communicate online in time.

5. The handle that was manufactured after May 8th, 2019, is connected to the machine.


Fourth, LED instructions

1) Four LEDs flash quickly and cycle: This handle is searching for Bluetooth pairing; this handle is being connected back to the host via Bluetooth.

2) LED flashes at the same time: the battery voltage of this handle is lower than 3.6V; when it is lower than 3.4V, the handle automatically shuts down and cannot be turned on.

3) LED is always on: This handle and the host are connected via Bluetooth normally.


4) LED flashing at the same time: This handle is connected to the host through the USB cable; when the handle is connected to the charger for charging, the four LEDs flash at the same time. After the battery is fully charged, the four LEDs are extinguished.

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