TX Xecuter CR4 XL for Slim Trinity / Corona V1-V6

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RGH that console with a performance CR4 Chip 


Completely redesigned method of glitching. 4x faster code than previous versions and booting is twice as fast as the fastest glitchers available – yes, including R-JTAG and Slim Proto. Incredibly stable – we glitched the worst boxes we could find in less than 3 cycles (even with Slim Proto or CR3 Pro they wouldn't boot AT ALL). 95% of boxes instaboot.


Final Generation of 360 Mod

Completely new method & Design

Only 5 Wires install

Up to 4X Faster code than previous versions

Supports all phat falcon & jasper

Supports all slim Trinity,Corona v1,v2,v3,v4,v5,v6

Supports all Corona v6 inc boards with windbond 2kb memory

Supports DemoN & CR_EN

Supports J-Runner RATER

Supports Ring of Light mod

Supports Kiosk option for remote power


1* TX Xecuter CR4 XL 4x Faster Code For All XBOX360 Slim Trinity Corona V1-V6

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