Xbox 360 S Gloss 160GB RGH/JTAG Console PreOwned
  • Xbox 360 S Gloss 160GB RGH/JTAG Console PreOwned

Xbox 360 S Gloss 500GB RGH/JTAG Console PreOwned

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A RGH console with a 500GB harddrive - Plenty of space to store your RGH games 

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Xbox 360 S Gloss 500GB RGH/JTAG Console Pre-Owned

- What you get is a Pre-Owned 360 SLIM 500GB Console opened to RGH / Jtag 

The RGH is the most popular mod for your Xbox 360 , and opens up your console to a host of activities . The best are featured below :

  - Play your game backups from any external harddrive - This means no more hunting for game disks and no more scratched / destroyed game disks . Your games are stored on the external Harddrive , and the game disk is not required to run the game . Your game disks can be stored safely away and will be kept in pristine condition as they will never be needed again

 - Extend the life of your console - As you are not using the DVD Rom , your system will run cooler and no more DVD Rom lens issue ( not reading disks , stuttering gameplay and overheating ) .

 - Custom Dashboards

 - Region Free Gaming

 - Run homebrew or run any unsigned code

 - Backup your game disks to the harddrive

Technical Details

Console  :  Xbox 360 Slim S Gloss 500GB


Motherboard : TRINITY

Storage  : 500GB Internal HDD

Expandable Storage   : Games on a RGH/ Jtag run off an external harddrive - just place your prepared iso's on an external USB HDD and play them directly from the USB Harddrive Drive - No more hunting for game disks - just select directly from the custom dashboard and play - Note that legally you must own a retail game for every ISO you have

Condition : Pre-Owned - Fair condition  - Normal usage marks . The Gloss consoles show up marks easily

Package contents

1 x Xbox 360 S 500GB GLOSS Console

1 x Power Brick+ Cable

1 x Av Cable

1 x Original MS Wireless Controller

Warranty : Carry in Warranty period on the console is 3 month on the hardware only - This does not extend to software / firmware . Note - Warranty only applies if warranty sticker is in place and intact

Important Notice - RGH Consoles are NOT live friendly .

Fitment will only occur once payment has been made . Lead time for installation and testing - 2 days


Disclaimer : Xmods, its owners, partners, and associates do not support or condone piracy . Our products are only intended for playing legitimate backups ( ie you own a retail copy of the game), for the repair and replacement of defective hardware , to play homebrew software , Linux development and to enhance gameplay . We shall assume no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any misuse of our products or for any loss that may occur from distributing, using or selling our products.By using the Xmods site or any of our products you implicitly agree to the above . If you do not agree , or you do not have the technical skills to use our products , you must not use this website or any of our products. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you are agreeing NOT to use any product we supply for any illegal purposes, which includes playing commercial software you have not bought a license for (i.e. playing a copied retail game you have not purchased) .No items on this site enables any kind of piracy or have any code that circumvents any kind of protection.You should have an original retail disk for every ISO/Backup you own , and you should destroy the backup / ISO of you no longer own the retail copy

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