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PS5 Dualsense Controller Back Button Kit

PS5 Dualsense Controller Back Button Kit

Prepared for e-Sport Tournaments:

1. The RISE Remap Kit for PS5 is an evolutionary upgrade kit that adds advanced gaming functionality to your existing controller.

2. The RISE remap kit includes a remap board and an upgrade back shell with 2 additional ergonomic buttons attached. With this kit you can easily turn your existing controller for PS5 into a professional e-sport gamepad with an additional 2 remap buttons.

3. This remap upgrade solution gives you a competitive edge in Online Gaming and Tournaments, and totally legal.

4. You can remap 15 buttons to the 2 additional buttons which will be pressed by your middle fingers.It’s a huge advantage for you because you don’t need to move off the sticks and triggers to access other buttons like face buttons during fast FPS or shooter games.


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