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XBOX Side Grips

XBOX Side Grips


  • Models 1537 and 1697
    <p>Git a grip on your controller with these comfortable side rails . These will fit all 1st generation controllers : The release editions + the release edition with a headphone jack  - Models 1537 and 1697 </p>
  • Model 1708 ( S )
    <p>These grips will fit the Xbox one Controller "S"  Series . This was the Xbox One Controller with Bluetooth + Headset Jack . Model 1708 </p>
  • Model 1914 ( Series )
    <p>Custom Grips for the latest and greatest controller - The XBOX Series S/X . Model 1914</p>
  • Model 1797 ELITE V1
    <p>These grips will fit the Elite series V1  controllers </p>

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