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XBOX Covers and Shells

XBOX Covers and Shells

Change the look and feel of your prized controller with a range of quality Faceplates and Shells . You will find the controller model number in the battery compartment 


  • Model 1537
    <p>Here you will find Covers and Shells for the First Edition of the Xbox One Controllers ( Model 1537 ) . This Edition does not have a 3.5 mm audio jack</p>
  • Model 1697
    <p>Here you will find Covers and Shells for the Xbox One Revised V1 Controller ( Model 1697 ) . This Edition is basically the V1 controller , with a 3.5 mm Headphone jack . The Faceplates are the same between the V1's and the Revised V1's</p>
  • Model 1708 ( S )
    <p>Here you will find Covers and Shells for the Xbox One Controller "S" Edition ( Model 1708 ) - This controller has Bluetooth and a 3.5mm Jack</p>
  • Model 1914 ( Series )
    <p>Shells and covers for the XBOX SERIES CONTROLLERS . Model 1914 </p>
  • Model 1797 ELITE V1
    <p>These covers and Shells are for the Xbox One Elite Controller ( Model 1698 ) - The 2nd best controller ever made</p>
  • Model 1797 Elite V2
    <p>Covers and Shells for the Greatest controller ever made - The Xbox Elite Series 2 ( Model 1797 ) </p>

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